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Star-shaped Tablecloth

Our special thanks to Anna Creative Needlework and Crafts , for their
pattern charts and illustrations from their 12/98 issue

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Hardanger embroidery: Mark the center of the fabric on grain in both directions with running stitches in contrasting color, stitching over 4 FT and under 4 FT, so that stitches cross at the center of the fabric. Work following PC. The grid of the PC corresponds to the FT on the ground fabric. First work the satin stitch blocks over 4 FT with pearl cotton, ill.a. Embroider Madeira stars with double gold embroidery thread, ill. b. For the open-work area inside the satin stitch blocks, draw out 4 FT and leave 4 FT alternately, ill. a. Cut FT close to the satin stitch. Work woven bars with pearl cotton, ill. c. Lastly, secure outer edge with buttonhole stitch over 4 FT using pearl cotton, ill. d. At corners work 5 stitches in 1 insertion hole. Keep the looped edge of the buttonhole stitches on the outer edge.

Neatly trim away excess fabric along the buttonholed edge. Remove basting threads. Carefully press the finished embroidery from wrong side on a well-padded surface.

1298/08 Small Star

approx. 46x46 cm (18x18")
Materials: 0.50 m (5/8 yd) white evenweave fabric (50% cotton, 50% modal),
140 cm (55") wide, 7 fabric threads/FT to 1 cm (18 FT to 1"); 25 g white
Anchor pearl cotton no.5, 1 ply Watercolours or DMC coton perle no. 5 and 1 spool gold
embroidery thread Anchor "Reflecta" or DMC no. 278

Instructions: Cut the fabric on grain to 50x50 cm (19 3/4 x 19 3/4").
Embroider the inner star including the buttonhole-stitched edge, following
PC. Work the PR from arrow to arrow 4 times. Begin with the inner round of
satin stitches, 74 FT from marked fabric center.

1298/09 Large Star

85x85 cm (33 1/2 x 33 1/2")
Materials: 0.90 m (1 yd) white evenweave fabric, 60 g white pearl cotton
no. 5 or 1 ply Watercolours and 1 spool gold embroider thread, see "small star"

Instructions: Cut the fabric on grain to 90x90 cm (35 1/2 x 35 1/2").
Following PC, work the PR from arrow to arrow 4 times, but omit the
buttonhole-stitched edge of the inner star! Begin with the inner round of
satin stitches, 74 FT from marked fabric center.

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