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Presenting on Center Stage in our Innovation Gallery ...

"Flower Power"

Several month's ago we posted a request on our site asking our visitors to send us their "flower" designs. We're delighted by the two very different designs submitted. Presenting in our gallery this month are two very innovative and beautifully executed designs.

And for those of you who held back ­ maybe we'll have a chance to see your work in the future.


"Trees" by Stephanie Novatski

This piece is designed using Caron threads exclusively. The tree trunks are one strand of watercolours couched. The clouds are pulled thread using wildflowers; the sun is hardanger using wildflowers and watercolours; the leaves and flowers on the trees are waterlillies or wildflowers; and parts of the bargello ground are waterlillies.

"Dogtooth Violet a la Roxanne" by Roxanne Barkofsky

"The inspiration is from a botanical print (pictured on the card, shown left). Erythonium americanum, common name, Dogtooth Violet. The print dates to the late 1800's.

The center stamen resembling what appears to be a claw is actually an authentic canine fossil tooth dating between 1,000 and 10,000 years old. The petals were formed with woven picot stitches further shaped with several layers of buttonhole stitching and knotless netting. Beadwork was then added to give the illusion of dew drops. The stem is wrapped twine and wire with detached buttonhole stitching at spaced intervals. Leaves are formed with hand-dyed fabric by Roxanne's friend, Jane Weidman. They are lightly stuffed with several rows of detached buttonhole stitching for extra texture and interest.

This piece was also designed using Caron threads exclusively.

Our special thanks to both ladies for the gorgeous entries!

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