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Step 1

These are your set up rows for the beading. The beading is a three step process. The first step is a simple tent stitch over two intersections of canvas with 2 ply of thread to match your beads. In this case the inner row is Soie Cristale (7022), the outer is (3054). Notice that on the inner row at the bottom is a skipped stitch.

Step 2

Using Antica (AT-12) first stitch the tail of your Dragonfly, then the head. Next, bring your needle up at 1, pass needle under the tail, then under center stitch of head. Repeat this wrapping 2 more times. Ending at the tail end, take thread to back. Lock thread off to be woven in later. Next using Impressions, bring needle up at one end of tail and wrap tail several times with your thread, taking needle back down at the opposite end of the tail.

To work the wings, use Rachel (B40), follow chart double stitching where there is a double line indicated. Guide thread with a laying tool to keep thread flat. Do not pull too tightly.

Step 3

Next, you'll be working some of the background behind your Dragonfly. There are three catails, use Impressions (1122). The stems are a Tent stitch and the tops are French Knots. The other flowers are worked in an Elongated Buttonhole stitch using Soie Cristale (3054) 3 ply.

At this point you will only be working the flower tops. The stems will be couched in after the background is filled in with Basketweave. The background is worked using 2 ply of Waterlilies Spruce, strip and flip these two threads so that they are going opposite each other. Then add 2 ply of Soie Cristale (1092), giving you 4 ply altogether. This process achieves a heather look for your background.

Stitches are enlarged and charted in the Stitch Guide .

Step 4

Okay...now to be a little bit daring. Yes it was hard to place these curvey lines on my computer but they are thankfully not as tricky to couch in.

Following my lead... you do not have to be exact, lay in a stem piece and couch with silk. The stems are Antica (AT-5) and the couching is worked with Soie Cristale (5123) 2 ply. Bury one end of the Antica and couch down using small stitches. Come up underneath the Antica and back down underneath. When you get close to the end of the stem break thread and bury that end of the Antica.

The stem to the far left is in three pieces but the stem to the right is worked with the longest being one piece and the smaller ones separatly. Follow arrows.

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