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Ordering Mary Shipp's Books

Mary Shipp teaches at EGA guilds, needlework shops, the Rockhome, Illinois Cross Stitch Festival, and the I Love Needlework Fairs in California and the Midwest. Her main occupation is as an author of self-published books on needlework, and of design booklets. Her books, listed below, are available in needlwork shops. Shop owners should contact her at Stitches by Shipp, 7426 Fish Hatchery Road, Bath, NY 14810. (607) 776-2759, wholesale inquiries only, please. Retail customers whose local shops do not carry Mary's books may call The Golden Unicorn, Corning, New York, (607) 937-5845; Stitchery Row, Endicott, New York (607) 748-8003; Ellen Nell, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC (800) 499- 1224; or Ruth Kern Books, Phoenix, AZ (602) 943-0738, all of which fill mail orders.

Books by Mary Shipp:

Stitches for Counted Thread Embroidery, 1995. A two-volume stitch encyclopedia, describing over 250 stitches in clear, large, easy to read format. 626 pages total. Sold only as a two-volume set, $64.75 per set, plus postage.

Color for Embroidery, 1997. This book contains two sections: Part 1, a discussion of color theory in general terms with color illustrations. Part 2, color theory as applied directly to embroidery, with detailed examples. 130 pages. $45.00, plus postage.

Exploring Pattern in Stitches. 1997. Presents a discussion of techniques used to develop diaper and other all-over patterns in any counted technique. Includes over fifty sample patterns with variations, plus a short discussion of color. 87 pages. $25.00, plus postage.

At the present time, Mary has 14 booklets available, ranging from "How to Do Cross Stitch" and "Stitching on Linen" to a reproduction of an l808 sampler and a Spanish-inspired evening purse. For a two-page descriptive listing of her booklets, please send a stamped, self addressed envelope, legal size, to Stitches by Shipp, 7426 Fish Hatchery Road, Bath, NY, 14810.

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