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Christmas Sock Motif Contest Winners

The Caron Collection is delighted to present the award to two winners: Kathy Halamka for her traditional holiday Poinsettia motif and Patricia Mazu for her interpretive and more contemporary adaptation of a patterned ribbon. The exceptional quality of our entries prompted us to also award Honorable Mention to two others, one of whom, we might add, is a previous Contest winner as well. Many thanks to all who have participated and provide the inspiration for others. We know of at least one contest winner whose work is being published. We hope we are the stepping stone for many others to come.

First Place Winners

 Winter's Bloom by Kathy Halamka

 Brocaded Ribbon by Patricia Mazu

Kathy Halamka, an artist who has worked in many different media, approaches her art in a very narrative manner, with close attention to realistic interpretation. Color and texture are used to evoke mood, memories and emotions, the universal elements of human perception. In creating her design, Winter's Bloom, Kathy was inspired by the saying: "God gave us memory that we might have roses in winter." She replaced the roses in the verse with a poinsettia, focusing on a variety of stitches and colors to add interest and make the design bright, cheery and texturally three-dimensional in character.

Kathy's life-long love of Art Nouveau and art in nature have prompted her to use the damselfly as her Internet identity. Both damselflies and dragonflies can be found as a signature motif in most of Kathy's current designs. Her advice to fellow stitchers is to "...be creative, take chances and make something beautiful today!"

Kathy Halamka has her own website at http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Square/1563/
If you desire to get in touch with Kathy Halamka, you can e mail her at khdamselfly@geocities.com

Patricia Mazu's specialty, not surprisingly, is designing stockings. She enjoys the limitations of size in the creative process and finds them perfect for experimenting with design, stitch patterns, threads, techniques and color. The ornament shapes are fun and whimsical to work with and many of Pat's stockings have companion bells and mittens. She enjoys working with heart and teardrop shapes as well. A tapestry ribbon spied in a little girl's hair bow stimulated Pat's imagination, resulting in her winning design, Brocaded Ribbon. The pattern for the cuff of the stocking emerged first and the rest evolved instinctively and complimentarily.

As a seasoned needlework teacher of 15 years, Pat's approach and goal is to guide her students toward personalizing designs as the first step in developing their own creative potential; individual choice of color and threads is always encouraged. Pat is currently President of the Evansville Chapter of the EGA in Indiana. Her numerous design awards include many featuring Christmas themes executed as stockings, cards and ornaments celebrating this festive holiday season.

To contact Patricia Mazu, you can e mail her at Pmazu@aol.com

Honorable Mention Winners

 A Tyrolean Stocking by Giulia Manfredini

 Christmas Stocking Sampler by Jackie Stroot

And another beautiful entry by Patricia Mazu


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