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Anthony Minieri

Professional Needlework Designer, Teacher and Writer
Part III of Our Series on Three Very Talented Men

The Garden Path
Commercial Design

Since last featured, Anthony Minieri has made the leap to a full time needlework career. When offered the position of Designer and Teacher in Residence at The Edwardian School of Needle Arts in Bloomfield, NJ, Tony insisted on one condition - that the primary focus in developing the curriculum be on education.

The Calla Lilies Are in Bloom Again
Commercial Design

For want of a better title, Tony refers to himself as the Headmaster. He has developed a series of notebook classes entitled Stitching Adventures in which Tony guides each student on a Stitch Journey, Color Excursion and Thread Travel, in turn. Last year Tony designed and taught a series of monthly projects using a band sampler format, each highlighting a pertinent holiday theme.

North Woods Santa by Renaissance Designs
Stitch and Thread Guide

Wanting to initiate something more extensive and challenging, he designed a Sampler Quilt on Canvas project, Stars for a New Millennium, which spans the entire year. Stitchers work on one block each month using overdyed threads from four distinct color families.

Welcome Home by Renaissance Designs
Stitch and Thread Guide

Tony's goal is to familiarize stitchers with color interaction and to teach them how to create balance between colors, threads, stitches and textures. In a class of 70 students, 52 different color combinations have evolved. When complete, Tony intends to publish the project as a commercial design, which will include many of the different color, thread and stitch combinations used.

The Ancient One
Teaching Piece

Tony's originals encompass both teaching pieces and designs for the commercial market. He is in much demand for creating stitch and thread guides for the works of other prominent designers, such as Renaissance Designs, as well. Additionally, Tony has his own column in the publication needlepoint now, entitled Adventures in Embellishment.

Commercial Design

For Tony's extensive Online Class, Autumnal Scentiment, presented in 3 parts, go to

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