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• 18 count evenweave fabric or canvas 5" X 10". (This is enough to make two ornaments)
• #20 tapestry needle
• 1 skein of a thread of your choice from the Caron Collection
• Watercolours ® - a 3 ply variegated cotton. Separate and use only one ply.
• Wildlfowers ® - a single strand variegated cotton. Use two strands.
• Waterlilies ® - a 12 ply silk. Use four plies.
• Impressions ® - a 50% silk, 50% wool. Use one strand.
• 2 pieces of Ultrasuede ™ or other backing fabric, each 2 1/2" square.

Optional: other threads from the Caron Collection may be used for all or part of this design. Try Soie Cristale, Snow, Antica, Rachel or Rachelette (suitable for long stitches only)

One line of the chart represents one
thread of the canvas or fabric.

1. Mark center of canvas for each ornament.
2. Complete 32 stitches in each direction from the center, horizontally and vertically.
3. Follow the chart from the center out, working each successive row around the entire perimeter of the ornament. Alternate the direction of the stitches in each quadrant as illustrated in the chart.
4. Before completing the final row, cut a 5" piece of thread. Run it through several stitches on the back of the work, and form a loop to act as a hangar by anchoring the second end through several stitches close to the first end.
5. Complete the final row of upright cross stitches, crossing all the stitches in the same direction. These stitches will help prevent fraying of the rest of the stitching when the canvas is cut away from around the design.

To get a wavy, three-dimensional ornament, carefully cut away all excess fabric or canvas close to the last row of stitching. Lightly glue a piece of Ultrasuede or felt to the back. For a more elaborate treatment, add stuffing, braid, beads or other trim.

The ornament can also be bent in half diagonally and tacked where the opposing corner meets the corner with the hangar. Tuck in some sticks of cinnamon or evergreen for a fragrant addition to your tree.

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