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This month we are thrilled to feature our "Dyed and Gone to Heaven" contest entries.

On the lookout for needleworkers who incorporate our threads and contest motif into their work in innovative and serendipitous ways, we have a real "find" in our first place winning entry by Roxanne Barkofsky.

"Caron Kelp and Critters"
Roxanne Barkofsky

To call her entry a work of needleart does not do justice to Roxanne's vision and execution. She has created a work that is breathtaking in its harmonious combination of thread, fabric, shells, mettalic charms and coins simulating ancient buried treasure with the actual flora and fauna of the sea. Using the tecnique of collage, she draws us into a magical underwater realm that combines the perpetual motion of the creatures of the deep with the serenity of the most placid tropical lagoon. Her threads bring to life a class of invertebrate animals called Anthrazoa which means "flower-like". This class includes corals and anemones. In Roxanne's opinion, the Caron threads, with their extensive, but subtle color variations perfectly represent the enormity of colors found in this sea life. As an example, she has used the color "terra cotta" to match perfectly with the shell fragments in the top right hand corner of her design. Part of her work is stitched directly onto kelp (a type of seaweed). The uniqueness of this background enhances both the beauty of the threads and the other embellishments she has included.The overall format Roxanne has employed is circular and was specifically chosen to resemble what one would see looking through a porthole or down into a tidewater pool.Get ready to dive in! We're only sorry that this photo doesn't do justice to this large (20 inch) collage shown at the top, but the inset, left, helps.

Below other outstanding entries we received.

"Lily of the Valley"

By Cindy Swafford

"Heavenly and Earth"

By Stephanie Novatski

"Alien Creature with Flower Edge Stalks"

By David Huber
Age 10

"Candle Band"

By Tara Dewdney

Many thanks to all who participated in our Contest.



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