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People use our threads for all kinds of things but jewelry isn't top of mind when most people think of needlework. This designer will definitely change your mindset -- the inspring wearable art of Kimberly Crum incorporating The CARON Collection's threads.

(Note: larger samples shown below.)

About the Designer, Kimberly Crum

My schooling was with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I majored in Fashion Illustration and Graphics, but this creative adventure really began for me as a child. It became more than a hobby two years ago when a friend in the business suggested that I publish my designs for resale. In these two years the work has been grueling but so much fun I haven't really noticed. Traveling across the country to teach in different shops and for guilds has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. And learn so much about all. Sometimes I feel like my five year old just starting school, my head gets crammed with so much information.

Lois and her threads of many colors/textures inspired me to begin creating tassels and teaching almost eight years ago now. When a change was needed I discovered 22 ct canvas which is what I mostly design with. All of the wearable art pins in the line are stitched on this and use a variety of threads, metallics and beading. The pins give the stitcher instant gratification in that they are a quick project. There are larger pieces in the line two of which feature Caron collection products: a wearable vest and a framed piece called Mother's Rocker which uses Watercolors, Waterliles and Impressions. All of the threads are wonderful to work with and have a beautiful feel to the hand. Both of designs are worked on larger canvases.

I look forward to designing more each day. Between the inspiration of everyday life and the variety of threads to paint them with the ideas keep coming.



Worked on 22ct canvas this pin features Lois' 12 ply silk in Waterliles and Soie Cristale. I used Flame in the Waterliles, and #'s 3042, 3045, 7094, & 4013 in the Soie Cristale. Beads and metals are used for flash and texture.

"Little Lamb"

Also worked on 22ct this new pin features Impressions in both hand painted and solid colors. Emerald and #'s 5013, 0000, 0020, & 7024 are the colors. This pin has a lot of texture with french knots making up the entire body of the lamb.



"Tassle III"

From my booklet "A Tassel Workshop Collection". This one features Watercolors Fiesta. It is mixed with a rayon, perle coton, and wool which play off the colors in the Fiesta. (This tassel was featured in Shay Pendray's book, Shay Pendray's Needlecraft Projects.)

"Mother's Rocker"

A larger framed piece, not a quick project but certainly a labor of love for me. The center panel shown here was taken from a carving on an antique platform rocker belonging to my mom in law. I've used Royal Jewels in both the Waterliles and Watercolors. The columns off to the sides are worked with Impressions Cherry in a couched stitch. The flowers leaping out from the center are long stitches laid in using the Waterlilies.

Kimberly Crum's designs are available from Sharon's Designer Collection:
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