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The CARON Collection Presents a
Special Designer Tribute to the September 11, 2001 Tragedy - Part III of an Ongoing Series

(Click here if you missed Part I and Part II)

Liberty Wept

by Carmen Wyant

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Carmen says of her design, "Designing & stitching this really helped me work through some of the anguish & helplessness I was feeling after watching what happened on Sept. 11. I still haven't dealt with it completely, but by doing this, I was able to at least pick up a needle again. I now have a website & the chart is up there for free download by anyone.

The chart can be found at


I handed out copies of these charts at Lancaster when I was there for CATS as well as copies of info for the WTC Memorial Quilt Bulletin Board, which is located at

For more information, contact Carmen at:
Columbine Designs
56560 Highway 83
Swan Lake, MT 59911
phone: (406) 754- 2569
fax: (406) 754- 2821 (Call ahead if sending fax)
e mail: cnd2821@montana.com 



The Hat
by Roxanne Barkofsky

"THE HAT" by Roxanne Barkofsky. Roxy explains the numerous implications encompassed by, and inspiration for, her turban design, "Flappers of the America's Roaring Twenties looked for ways to express their liberation from Victorian restraints, not only in the Charleston, but in their mode of dress. The bejeweled turban was one manifestation of their cry, 'Look at us, we are modern women, we are reborn!' This hat is a celebration not only of women's daring to be OUTRAGEOUSLY stylish, but of their incredible courage in facing the devastating effects of cancer.

Still another element is the acknowledgement of women's heroic part in bravely standing alongside men in the heroic search and rescue attempts after the tragedy of the World Trade Center in New York. This hat represents an analogy of the metamorphosis of a butterfly -- from its beginning as a drab cocoon, to the wondrous creature gracing our skies. It is a symbol of a butterfly's life of change and unfolding beauty, the elements of which are incorporated in the circular design. The 'Outrageous Hat' is a tribute to women who choose to be true to themselves. Sometimes that means coming out of one's shell to face life on one's own terms.

The 'Healing Hat' represents changes that occur while dealing with cancer, from the balding head as a result of chemotherapy to re-growth of women's crowning glory -- their hair. The leaves represent new growth and life. Some leaves become part of the butterfly's wing. Just as one does not see every leaf on a specific tree, one knows they are there. Some leaves are hidden within the folds of the turban, just as new hair growth is often difficult to detect.

The "Victory Hat" represents the spirit of our nation as it harnesses the resources of all our people to replace fear and sadness with determination to keep our freedoms and the beauty of all things American. As I watched the horror of those days in September, I stitched, and each stitch became a prayer for all people of good will.

Other explanations: the metallic gold material on the base of the head represents the hair and the World Trade Towers ... both lost for a time, but with promise for return and rebirth; tears on the cheek are for the victims of the disaster and cancer; the hatbox is made of recycled cardboard and its outer covering is hand-made marbled paper; the largest butterfly is made so that it can be affixed to the shoulder of a dress; the hat can be worn with casual or dressy attire and is flamboyant enough to please any modern-day
"flapper" wishing to make statement for independence, courage, and freedom; it is completely washable, as well (and I can hardly wait to introduce it to Safeway's check-out line, and I may even get a discount for sheer guts).

For more information, contact
Roxanne Barkofsky
E mail : dozer@mbay.net



Patriotic Stocking  

Patriotic Belt 

by Elizabeth Goodrick-Dillon

For more patriotic stockings and a patriotic ornament see Designer Spotlight on Liz Dillon in our December Online magazine or link to:

Liz Dillon
Tapestry Tent Designs
Address: 561 East Garden Drive Unit J
Phone: 970-674-0317
Fax: 970-674-0322
Business Name: Tapestry Tent Designs
Business e-mail and personal : taptent@frii.com/ or lizdzn@hotmail.com


Dried Roses
By Barbara Elmore

Barbara says, "I chose the Dried Roses design because although these flowers are no longer alive and fresh, their beauty lives on. It seems, whenever there is a terrible loss, especially a very public one, people have a need to place their grief in a tangible fashion, and flowers at the site are a way to do this. I hope my dried roses, which are created
out of silk ribbons, could represent the outpouring of love and caring towards all the victims of the disaster, that will live on forever."

For more information, contact
Barbara Elmore
Barbara Elmore Designs
P.O. Box 127
Sonoita, AZ 85637
Phone: (520) 455- 5639
Fax: 520) 455- 0038
E-Mail : npdesign@theriver.com
Website: http://www.barbaradesigns.com


We The People
By Gigi Tease of The Sewing Circle

Thistle Needleworks will be glad to send a copy to anyone who cannot download a clean copy. They also have made up kits for sale, but the pattern is free.

For more information, contact Judie Solomon at:

Thistle Needleworks, Inc.
The Shops at Somerset Square
140 Glastonbury Boulevard
Glastonbury, CT 06033
860 633-8503
860 633-1851 fax
email ThisNeedle@aol.com

Plea from the organizations that are helping those affected by the American Tragedy of September 11, 2001:

Your Help is Needed. Please Donate Now! While we are all deeply saddened by the tragedy of Tuesday, September 11, you can help now by supporting the relief efforts. Relief organizations tell us that they most need cash donations to fund special resources and personnel. To make a donation or learn more about these organizations, links for them and others can be found at:


American Red Cross
September 11th Fund
The New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund
Twin Towers Fund
WTC Police Disaster Relief Fund
The Survivors Fund - Washington, D.C. area
Salvation Army
Robin Hood Relief Fund
New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund
The Fund for Public Schools - WTC School Relief Fund

100% of your donation will go directly to these relief organizations. Donating through Helping.org is safe and secure. United Kingdom residents can make donations to a special Help USA fund created by the Charities Aid Foundation


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