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Susan Kerndt of Stitching Kreations
(Offered for Distribution by The Caron Collection)

 Ice Crystals
An eight-way Florentine pattern stitched on 18 ct canvas using Soie Cristale, Impressions, Waterlilies and Candlelight, embellished with beads.

An eight-way Florentine pattern on 18 ct canvas using Impressions, Waterlilies, Wildflowers and metallic ribbon, embellished with beads.

 Tulip Fantasy
An eight-way Florentine pattern on 18 ct canvas using Impressions, Soie Cristale and metallic braid. This is a favorite of Sue's to use as a teaching piece because the design is stitched on a laid foundation of metallic braid giving it added dimension and interest.

 Diamond Twirls
These two canvas ornaments are the result of a collaboration between Sue and up-and-coming designer, Theda Lafoon. They are worked on congress cloth in Florentine (Bargello) variations using simple upright stitches and employ Impressions, Waterlilies and Soie Cristale threads.

About the Designer
Sue's ongoing quest is to constantly challenge herself by pursuing design variations, juxtapositions and other alternative strategies beyond the norm to create her unique designs. Her expertise lies in canvas work. Though an accomplished stitcher, renowned designer and acclaimed teacher, Sue enjoys playing the role of student, reveling in the endless learning experience. Shown below, Sue's new teaching pieces for 1999.

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Currently Sue is hosting an on-line ANG Correspondence Course called "Florentine Traditions" employing Caron Impressions and Soie Cristale threads. Registration for this class runs through January 31,1999. For more information, visit the ANG website at

Especially exciting will be Sue's workshop in Akron, Ohio from May 10 to 12. This will take place at the Stan Hywet (Old English for stone quarry) Hall and Gardens, one of the finest examples of Tudor Revival architecture in America, set among seventy acres of landscaped gardens reflecting the grandeur and opulence of a bygone era. Don't miss this opportunity to hone your needlework skills with a distinguished teacher in this spectacular setting! For a glance this special venue on the web visit

Sue Kerndt has two granddaughters: Madison and Katherine. Her design time has been somewhat curtailed by Katherine's birth this past April. However, Sue is keeping on top of her teaching schedule which will run from March to November of 1999 in Maryland, Washington State, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Georgia and New York, in addition to classes at local needlework shops and guilds in the Washington DC - Baltimore area. Classes to be taught will be "Flora Cristale", "Evening Delight" (a stunning new purse design), a "Victorian Hardanger Ornament" and a notebook class entitled "SeaScapes."

For additional class schedule information and a brochure of classes offered contact Susan Kerndt at:
Stitching Kreations
1433 Montague Drive
Vienna, Virginia 22182-1440
Phone: (703) 759-5495

Susan Kerndt was the Featured Designer on our April, 1998 website. If you missed this story you can access it in our website archives at
http://www.caron- net.com/designerfiles/desaprilfiles/desapril.html


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