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K's Creations ­ Tools of the Trade for Stitcher's

Since its inception, K's Creations has been a family endeavor. Kay, Gaylon and Brett Schulle have utilized their various specialized talents to develop the needlework industry's largest selection of frames, computer canvases and accessories. Kay's knowledge and passion for the needlearts is what prompted the creation of the company originally. Gaylon has put years of engineering experience to use in designing K's product line. Using this knowledge in combination with the architectural principals of the human requirements in design assures not only a meticulously produced product, but one which integrates elements specifically to make each "user friendly." Gaylon's commitment to total quality will continue to set the industry standard. With the inclusion of their son Brett in 1993, bringing his invaluable knowledge of finance, computers and digital imaging, K's Creations continues to expand into the 21st century.

K's Creations was the first in the industry to develop the Adjustable LapFrame. Their unique patented design provides the needleworker with unlimited flexibility and comfort. Over the past 13 years the number of K's products have evolved from the Original LapFrame to a line of twenty five different products with over eighty combinations of unrivaled quality accessories. Just in the past year, they were the first to introduce a second generation LapFrame called the Z-Frame. Their unique design allows for complete open sided stitching. Additionally, K's frames are the only ones in the industry that do not require any disassembly to collapse.



Two of the products shown are brand new introductions to the line: the Mini Thread Tree and the Third Hand - what stitcher couldn't use one of those? Brett's computer technology expertise has spawned a new series of innovative products and services, which are truly on "the cutting edge." Making its official debut here and now, is a line of computer generated painted canvases. These computer designs rival hand painted canvases at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality. Along with K's original line of designs, Brett reproduces computer painted canvases for other needlepoint artists such as Amanda Lawford, Creative Needle, Barbara Elmore and Designing Women. While computer painted canvas is still in its infancy, it will, without a doubt, in the future encompass a large portion of the industry.

From modest beginnings, K's has continued to expand their high quality line of products. In doing so they have brought a new level of enjoyment to the needleart industry and the people who make it their passion. K's Creations will continue to expand their line with emphasis on quality, service and ingenuity being the guiding principles in developing each new product.


Oh and did we mention that ALL of K's Creations' products are backed by a 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee for both materials and workmanship? By now you should not be surprised to learn that this promise to their customers constitutes an industry first, once again!

For more information, please contact them. They welcome your inquiries!
K's Creations
P.O.Box 161446
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 263- 1483 or (800) 727- 3769
Fax: (512) 263- 5201
E mail: kscreation@aol.com
Website: http://www.kscreations.com

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