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Leslie Levison
Crazy Quilter Extraordinaire

Leslie Levison grew up in Beach Haven, NJ, where she first indulged in her collecting fervor by searching out tiny seashells along the beach. By high school, she had accumulated collections of beads and fabrics as well.

Millenium Mermaid

In 1985, the book Crazy Quilts by Penny McMorris, provided the inspiration for Leslie to try her hand at crazy quilting. Two years later she began sharing this passion by teaching others to do embroidery, beadwork and just generally wreaking havoc in their lives.

A year and a half ago, Leslie decided it was high time she afforded herself the luxury of a larger space for living, working and accommodating her collections than the cramped walk-up apartment in Manhattan that she had made do with, for so long.

Leslie has been intensely involved in the New York City quilting scene as an active member of the Manhattan Quilters Guild and also a pioneering founder of the Empire Quilters Guild, established in 1982. Since relocating to Naugatuck, CT, Leslie has joined the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild and is also a proud member of CRONES ­ Crazy Royalty of New England Stitchers.


Details from Millenium Mermaid

Lately Leslie has been experimenting with silk ribbon embroidery. Current projects include a private commission for a large wall hanging composed of cottons in shades of pink and green, reflecting the theme of an Antique Rose Garden. When completed it will be embellished with what has become Leslie's trademark signature, a beaded fringe bottom.

Another work in progress is Leslie's Ruby Warrior Quilt, embodying dual inspirations, which will be juxtaposed within the piece. One inspiration is a verse from the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, "A woman of valor who can find, for her price is above rubies." The other comes from a photo fantasy image showing an invincible woman warrior, dressed in armor, victoriously posed with her vanquished enemy underfoot. The quilt will contain the words of the proverb in Hebrew stenciled in calligraphy.

Leslie is presently also engaged in putting together a booklet of beading techniques specifically for crazy quilters. She holds her very unique brand of classes at City Quilter in NYC and Thistle Needleworks in Glastonbury, CT. The names of her workshops are as unique as the classes themselves:

Dragonflies and Bellydancers - Introduction to Crazy Quilts, stitches and beadwork.

When the Stitch Hits the Fan - Additional stitches, intro to ribbon flowers, beaded wire flowers, and Brazillian embroidery techniques.

Patience is a Virtue - Concentrates on large embroidery and beadwork motifs.

Step into My Parlor - Finishing techniques for Crazy Quilts

The Tattooed Mermaid - 45-minute Trunk show featuring 15 Quilts and accompanying stories
Time for a Garage Sale - What happens when your fabrics stop speaking to you? Features 3 crazy quilts and 10 sketches in patchwork.


Details from Millenium Mermaid

Leslie is a contributor to the premier issue of Quilting Arts magazine with her enlightening article entitled "Demystifying the Feather Stitch." In addition to her interest in fabrics, beads, fibers and threads, she enjoys cooking, traveling and the roar of a Harley-Davidson on the open road, which is somewhat closer to her front door than before!

For more information about Leslie Levison's classes please contact her at Tatmermaid@aol.com

If you have never tried Crazy Quilting, a previous class by Leslie on the Caron site at http://www.caron-net.com/quiltclass is sure to get you going! Leslie's presents an introduction to making a Crazy Quilt Patchwork Block, step by step, from start to finish and, for really adventurous needleworkers, even beyond.



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