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In Studio City, CA

Lani Silver's wholesale design company, Lani Enterprises, is represented in most of the needlepoint stores in the U.S., but she has also operated a retail shop for 23 of the 25 years that she has been in the needlepoint designing business. Her enthusiasm, even after all this time, remains unflagging. She hastens to add, "It is an exciting place, where I teach classes and interact with all the great stitchers that come by."


The store, named Lani's Needlepoint, is located mere minutes away from Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney, and CBS Studio Center and NBC. In fact, that is why the town was originally named Studio City. Lani adds, "My clientele is about half Industry people, which is very interesting in itself." Lani was herself born in Studio City.

Panorama of Shop Interior

When Lani first opened her shop, her customers were mainly housewives and grandmothers who just needed something to help them pass the hours. They were happy just to stitch with Paternayan Persian Yarn or DMC Cottons. That has changed, as Lani points out, "Today, after many metamorphosis of personalities, I have a lot of young women who are professionals, looking for a form of stress release, a lot more men, and still there are mothers/housewives/grandmothers, but they are no longer interested in just passing time; they are highly motivated to learn decorative stitches, use exotic fibers, and treat their stitching as an art form, not a hobby. Needlepoint for me has become about the same thing. We have a quality of stitching and use of the imagination coming out of our store that has far exceeded any of my expectations."

Birdhouse Wall

Lani's Needlepoint is a full service needlepoint store (and website) offering the finest in handpainted needlepoint designs and fibers. Within lies a feast for the senses and Lani rightfully exclaims, "My store is really an eye-FULL of eye candy." Featured are Lani's own original designs along with a myriad of other fabulous designers: Melissa Shirley, Barbara Elmore, Liz - Tapestry Tent, Janice Gaynor, Ewe and Eye, JP Needepoint (Juli Poitras), Amy Bunger, Kathryn Molineaux, Maggie and Company, Marci, Danae, Associated Talents, The Artist's Collection, Valentina Heishman and Lee and many others. These designs encompass a broad spectrum of styles, themes and motifs including Boudoir, Oriental, Halloween, Christmas, Judaica, Sayings, Florals, Babies and Kids, Stars and Hearts, Vintage, Country, Whimsicals, and Animals.

Santa Ornament
One of Lani's Newest Designs

Lani and her staff are always eager to fully yarn any customer's canvas selection and provide a yarn key. Also offered are stitch guides for more advanced stitchers. There are two options available to customers when purchasing a canvas. Lani and her staff will write a complimentary yarn guide for any canvas that they pull the fibers for. This key shows where each yarn is to go, assuming that a tent (continental or basketweave stitch) is employed. They take great pains to take all the customers preferences about the type of yarn preferred into consideration. For decorative stitches, Lani will write a complete stitch guide with full instructions describing the fibers, number of plys to use, placement of the stitch, and a graphed diagram for that stitch, plus any helpful hints. Partial guides are also available.

Class in Progress

Upon completion, stitchers are invited to send their piece back to Lani's to take advantage of the shop's superb finishing services. Lani explains, "We do every imaginable type of needlepoint finishing - from pillows and picture framing to Christmas ornaments to purses, tote bags, and belts and accessories. We are happy to quote you a price or talk to you about your special project. We have spent many years developing our own special types of finishing with a unique flair." Lani's professional expertise and imagination are apparent in each project they complete. She and her staff will gladly consult with you for a truly unique finished product.

Stitched Model Display

The shop carries an impressive array of stitch books. Lani notes, "One of the most important tools I own is my library of needlepoint stitch books. The wealth of inspiration is available to me at a moments notice. I have compiled a list of my favorite titles for all to enjoy and collect." Included in her favorites are such classics as Glorious Needlepoint by Kaffe Fassett, whose magnificent book features his needlepoint designs as well as his inspirations for those designs. Another is The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christiansen, fondly known to Lani and experienced needlepointers as "THE BIBLE" of needlepoint stitches. This is the newly revised version of a 25-year old book that is essential for all beginners to learn to do decorative stitches.


Also stocked at Lani's Needlepoint are needlework accessories - the most useful and fun items in the industry. Lani elaborates, "The JB Tote and other accessories are our all time favorites. We are offering four of a myriad of designs that Janet Fenton of JB Designs has developed. They are made of a very high quality of quilted 100% cotton and are quite habit-forming because the fabrics are so wonderful."

There's even more good news. Lani confides, "If you aren't a stitcher and you would love to have one of our designs made for you - OR - if you are a stitcher, and have a million unfinished canvases sitting in a closet and have dreamed of getting them done - WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU!!!! Our stitching service is fast and very, very good, so choose a design from us, or dig out those old pieces!"

Baby Sleeping

Classes are held on a regular basis. You can choose from a super-convenient and versatile drop-in class with Kathi Murphy to a series of sessions with Lani, stretching over a period of five weeks. Once a month, Lani teaches 4-hour class on Saturdays. Lani adds, "This is a great opportunity for all of you who work during the week to catch a class." Every so often, Lani holds great trunk shows featuring the finest designers in the country and guest teachers invited to give special classes and workshops. The shop also offers innovative children's classes. Lani elaborates, "The most amazing work has been coming from my children's classes. The kids are not working on simple designs with large holes any more. They prefer more sophisticated designs with the better fibers (the all time favorite is the Caron Rachelette!!) and they push the limits of their abilities to turn out work that rivals that of the adults."

Sir St. Bernard

Lani's son, Shane, though only 9 years old, not only stitches, but also designs his own canvases. Lani chimes in, "He used to sit on my lap when he was little and watch me design canvases. He has even given me ideas. Now he wants to do some on his own. We shall see!" Lani hastens to add, "Children are our future."

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Lani's Needlepoint
12416 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
Phone: (818) 769- 2431
Fax: (818) 905-5264
Hours: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday
E mail: idzynm@aol.com or
Website: http://www.lanisneedlepoint.com

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