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The Mary Jane Collection

Norma, Mary and Jane Restall, of Tri Thy Needlecraft Centre, have created a series of original designs christened the "Mary Jane Collection." These consist of embroidery charts and kits for blackwork, silk ribbon embroidery and crewel. The collection includes decorative counted thread samplers which employ hardanger, drawn thread and holbein techniques using Caron Wildflowers and Waterlilies threads. New crewel embroidery designs consist of small pictures and bell pulls executed with Caron Impressions silk and wool fibers. (Click here if you missed our Feature Story on them and Tri Thy Needlecraft Centre.)

Jacobean Crewel Tile 1 ­ MJ-15

Jacobean Crewel Tile 2 ­ MJ-16

Jacobean Crewel Tile 3 ­ MJ-17

Jacobean Crewel Tile 4 ­ MJ-18

Jacobean Crewel Tile 5 ­ MJ-19
Jacobean Crewel Tile 6 ­ MJ-20
Jacobean Crewel Tile 7 ­ MJ-21
Jacobean Crewel Tile 8 ­ MJ-22
Noah's Ark ­ MJ-23
Plas Teg Belpull ­ MJ-14


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