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Carol Tinson Design Booklets (England)

Delicate. Dainty. Classic. Are all accurate descriptions of Carol's style. And for Sampler lovers there is much to choose from. Carol Tinson's designs are distributed in the US through the Caron Collection. Please see our Shop Lists for a store near you. Click here if you missed our Designer Spotlight on Carol Tinson. Click on each picture or name for a larger more detailed photo of the design.

Summer Rose CT-01

Springtime CT-02

Merlins Crystal CT-03 

Spring Vine CT-04 


 Cinnamon CT-06 

Peach Bouquet CT-11 

 Valentine CT-12 


 Beaded Elegance CT-13  

Autumn CT-14 

Brier Rose CT-17 

 Highland Mist-20 


 Charm CT-23 


 Cameo CT-22 

 Noel Sampler CT-24 


 Band Sampler CT-25 

 Cotton Candy CT-26 

 Heather CT-27 

 Heirloom Sampler CT-28 

 My Hearts Desire CT-29 

 Posy CT-30 

Symphony CT-31 


Victorian CT-32 


 Winter CT-33

 Dream Spirit CT-34 

 Hearts & Flowers CT-35 

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