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Colonial Knot Ring Pillow – Colonial Knot Instructions
by Sandie Lush of Winterbourne, England

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1. Make a knot in the end of the perlé thread and bury this in the wrong side of your work.

Bring the needle and thread through to the right side of the fabric, directly under a dot marking a knot position.

2. With your left hand, hold the thread about 2” to the left of where it emerges from the fabric, keeping it straight and parallel to the fabric.

With your right hand, hold the needle with the point facing away from you. Lay the needle across the thread and rotate the needle tip down and around the thread in an anticlockwise direction.

3. The thread should now lie clockwise around the needle.

With your left hand, rotate the thread over and then under the needle tip in an anticlockwise direction.

4.The thread should now be in a figure of eight around the needle.

5. Keeping the thread held in your left hand taut, push the tip of the needle back into the fabric close to where the thread emerged.

Pull the needle and thread through to the wrong side, easing off the tension slightly as the eye of the needle passes through the formed knot.

6. Pull the knot tight. Bring needle up at the next knot position and repeat.

To end a thread, oversew or knot off securely on the wrong side of your work.


© 2006, Sandie Lush

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