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Custom Embellished Tank Top for Baby Kelly
by Anna Mastropolo:

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Chain Stitch - Bring the thread out at the top of the line and hold down with your left thumb (if right-handed). Insert the needle where it last emerged from the fabric and bring the point of the needle out a distance away. Pull the thread through, keeping the working thread under the point of the needle.

Lazy Daisy ­ See Chain Stitch diagram above. Work Lazy Daisy Stitch in the same way as the Chain Stitch (A), but secure each loop at the center with a small stitch (B). This stitch may be worked singly or in groups to form flower petals.

Straight Stitch - This is a single stitch, which can be worked in a regular or an irregular manner. The stitches should not be too long or too loose.

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