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We are pleased to update you on the first Designer to be spotlighted on our site. Join us as we revisit...

Sue Stehle, of Sekas & Co.


Shown left, Sue's New Bonus Class ­ "Patriotic Basket".
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Birdhouse Square

It's not often that a relative newcomer (her first booklet was just published in May of 1995) takes the needlework world by storm. But that's exactly what happened to Sue Stehle and just 2 years later, the popular Sekas & Co. collection included 27 leaflets and 26 chartpacks.

A Stitcher's Heart

As a self-taught knitter, needlepointer and cross stitcher Sue further honed her skills working in a local needlework shop. Her first designs actually came about as teaching patterns for some classes at the shop. Her love of The CARON Collection's Watercolours thread - especially Nefertiti, and the shops's huge inventory of gold and silver paper inspired her first Stained Glass Ornament design, one of a whole series that were to follow. In October of 1994 Sue decided to focus more time on Sekas & Co. and well, the rest is history.

Quilt Blocks Afghan

Sue recently filled us in on her lastest projects. She states, "As I look back on the 5 years since I was featured on Caron's Designer of the Month Spotlight, I have expanded my "counted-thread" designs to over 100 designs and have recently begun painting my designs on needlepoint canvas. I am still designing on 10ct fabrics using a variety of stitches and Caron Collection Watercolours. Some of my newer series include: "Patchwork Heart" designs, "Quilt Blocks" (which have also been stitched on an Afghan), Row Designs and I have just begun a series of "Squares with Borders" Within the past year I have been busy painting some of my more popular designs on 13, 16 and 18 mesh canvas. There are now 10 Painted Canvas designs available (with more to be available soon). Each comes with a Stitch Guide"

Patriotic Heart


 Below are highlights of our original interview with Sue:

Where did your design style come from?
I'm really not sure. I know that I'm not an artist. I'm more of a creative - idea person. I think of myself as having "kindergarten" art talent and I do like simple colorful designs. I also love Alphabet samples, that's why my mini-samplers are designed with an alphabet.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?
Some of my ideas just come, seemingly, out of nowhere, others come from stitchers. The idea to do Watercolours Butterflies came from a lady from New Jersery who called to ask if I had thought of doing butterflies. Others come from shop owners -- I just received a list of nine possible Watercolour designs. Sometimes just picking up one of the Watercolours threads gives me an idea.

Do you have a memorable experience?
I think my most memorable stitching experiences come from teaching. I love to hear someone say " I can do this!" and "This is really fun!

What design are you proudest of and why?
I'm proudest of the Watercolour Pumpkins design because I accomplished what I was trying to achieve -- to get the vertical texture of the pumpkins. (See the design featured below.)

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
Right now I don't seem to have time for too many other things. I do enjoy decorating my house for holidays/seasons so my seasonal designs fit perfectly.

Sekas & Co. booklets are available at local needlework shops throughout the U.S. If you'd like a complete list of the Sekas & Company line please e-mail Sue at: sekas@ aol.com.

All of the Sekas & Co. designs can be seen on Sue's website at http://www.sekas-and-co.com

Free PatternClick Here for Sue's Original FREE Pattern

Below is a sampling of some of the Sekas & Co. patterns. For a larger photo and detailed description of each booklet click on the photo or name.


Stained Glass Ornaments III   Watercolour Stars and Stripes Watercolour Pumpkin Patch Watercolour Shamrocks 

Click here for our original visit with Sue Stehle.

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